Tranquil Moments

It is 7:00 a.m. and I’m sitting at our desk in the lobby. My husband, Lynn,usually opens the lobby but is unable to this morning because he has the flu. I’ve been running the motel for the last two days while he recuperates.The coffee is brewed. The water is hot for tea and cocoa. Everything is ready for our guests to get their caffeine fix.This is a peaceful time of day. I look out the office window at the bridge. … Continued

The Frost Is On the Pumpkins

Over the years I have learned to decorate for fall no later than the week after Labor Day because the weather can take a downward turn in temperatures and it makes working outside difficult. I placed an order with a local farm for 16 bundles of cornstalks and 9 large pumpkins. They were delivered on a day that promised to have rain and wind. After taking delivery, I had my eyes to the western sky as the promised storms were … Continued