Where Did July Go ?

Where did July go ? At the Riviera Motel it was spent keeping guests abreast of everything going on. Believe me there was plenty going on. Of course in addition to the fabulous Fourth of July celebrations, we had yacht races, art shows and the wonderful Mackinac Bridge celebration.
From most of our rooms, one can sit and watch the yachts from the Chicago to Mackinac Island
Yacht race sail under the mighty Mac on the final leg of the race to the island. This is a spectacular site if you are lucky enough to see yachts filling the spaces under the bridge at sunset. Otherwise, why not sit back and watch the yachts breeze on by from the pool deck. They appear so graceful as they slip on by. The Port Huron to Mackinac Island Yacht race also took place this month. From the rooms or from the pool deck, one can see all the yachts packed between the Round Island Lighthouse and the island. This is a beautiful sight on a clear, blue skied, sunny day.
At Colonial Fort Michilimackinac an interesting Native American woodland art show took place. It was fascinating to see the beauty of early American life depicted on these prints.
July went out with a loud bang! Mackinaw City celebrated the fiftieth birthday of the Mackinac Bridge and we had front row seats to 40 minutes of the most fabulous fireworks Mackinaw has ever seen. The fireworks were shot up from an area just to the west of the Mackinac Point Lighthouse ( our next door neighbor) and from the St Ignace side of the bridge at the same time. The results were spectacular! The fireworks exploded over our swimming pool and our guest were in total awe. Earlier in the day there was a parade to celebrate this golden birthday. The several thousand people that came for the celebration were not disappointed., Our guests were so excited after the fireworks that several of them just sat around and described their favorite fireworks of the evening. Many of them could not sleep because they were so excited. It was long after midnight before everyone called it a night, vowing to return again anytime we have fireworks.
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