Come Walk The Mighty Mack

The Labor Day weekend marks the end of a beautiful summer. Everyone will have to start getting back onto the “winter schedule” But for us this weekend is a time to see our Labor Day families. Every year we welcome back several families that we have seen for years. We get caught up on the events of the last year and remark on how much the kids have grown. It is a special time for us. We ask what time … Continued

Homo Sapiens Only!

We have a no pet policy at the Riviera. What does this mean? Well, it means that you may bring your husband/wife/significant other, human children or other two legged relatives . Anything that lives in water, that has feathers, slithers or walks on four legs cannot be a guest here.You may be wondering why I am writing about this. Let me explain. Recently a guest tried to bring in a pet iguana and another was rather upset with us for … Continued

August Skies

Tonight as I was helping my husband, Lynn, put the solar cover on the swimming pool, I couldn’t help notice the night sky. It is so clear that it looks like black velvet with diamonds sprinkled on top. But of all the seasons in Mackinaw, August is the most spectacular. I have seen meteor showers with some meteors the size of a car streak across the night sky and I have seen the most spectacular colors in the northern lights. … Continued

Going Baty!

Bats are a fact of life in Mackinaw. The flighty, black creatures have a tendency to love our laundry room area. At 8:30 a.m. I started to go into the laundry room. I looked into all the corners of the area around the door for the winged, black bats. I noticed two sleeping quietly. So I opened up the laundry room screen door then promptly screamed. I thought the scream was loud enough to wake the dead, but my husband, … Continued

Where Did July Go ?

Where did July go ? At the Riviera Motel it was spent keeping guests abreast of everything going on. Believe me there was plenty going on. Of course in addition to the fabulous Fourth of July celebrations, we had yacht races, art shows and the wonderful Mackinac Bridge celebration.From most of our rooms, one can sit and watch the yachts from the Chicago to Mackinac IslandYacht race sail under the mighty Mac on the final leg of the race to … Continued