The Redcoats Are Coming!

Colonial Fort Michilimackinac is located 500 feet to the west of us. Currently the historical reenactments are depicting life in the 1760’s under the control of the British. Several times throughout the day the roar of the cannon can be heard here. Very often prospective guests are caught of guard by the loud volley. Today I was showing a prospective guest around the motel, when the loud boom from the cannon at Colonial Fort Michilimackinac rang out. The man’s eyes widened and he looked like he was about to hit the pavement. I looked at him and told him it was ok. He asked what that noise was and I explained that it was the cannon from the fort 500 feet away. I told him that he was safe because he was staying with us for two days. He looked perplexed. I explained that if he was staying just one night I would be bound to send him to the fort to be used as a target. He laughed and decided to stay an additional night.

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