Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Late last week and for three days afterward, two of my sisters came up and helped me plant flowers around the motel. We had approximately 35 flats of flowers, 12 huge bags of dirt and 23 bags of cedar mulch. Where are all of these flowers going to be planted? Everywhere. We plant along 35 feet of the back wall of our property next to the pool, in 14 large pots sitting on the western wall, underneath and along both sides of our sign, several boxes in a 30 feet drive through and we hang a seven plants here and there. This year it was windy. When we added the new dirt to our beds it blew back in our faces and we looked like we were doing a commercial for a new facial product.
I must share with you my Tom Sawyer moment. My husband, Lynn, was down with a virus and I was unable to plant because I attended to our guests. My sisters asked me where I wanted the flowers and I would show them. I remained very clean while they were covered with dirt and mulch. Should I feel guilty? I thought about it for a quick second……. no came the answer! I appreciate all they did for us and the flowers look beautiful. I took them out and we had a blast.

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