Yesterday evening I went for a sunset walk along the shore. It was chilly with a northwest wind so I bundled up and headed out. I walked on the sidewalk that skirts the shoreline heading into the beautiful sunset. I walked under the bridge and stopped next to the waters edge and held perfectly still. I drank in the beauty and serenity of  the straits. The water was a very soft, powder blue and the reddish rays of sunset bathed everything in soft hues of red, orange and gold. The water softly lapped ashore and the wind gently surroundeded me. A few feet off shore, some ducks were taking their final swim before heading back to their nest for the night. I could feel the warmth of the suns rays on my face as it slowly sank into the waters of straits.Standing there, I could feel all the stresses of the day leaving me. I felt in tune with the natural order of day into night.  I watched as a fluffy cloud lifted over the sun like a warm comforter on a winters night, telling everyone “Goodnight”.

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