The Winds of September

Yesterday I was looking for my cement shoes. Yes, I needed them just to walk outside in the 40-50 mph winds. The howling northwest winds churned up the waters of the straits and sent waves crashing ashore for most of the day. Ferry boats from Mackinaw City to the island were cancelled and traffic on the Mighty Mac was closed to all vehicles except cars, vans and empty pick up trucks. There were big rigs, vehicles pulling campers/trailers and vehicles with items on the top, parked all over town waiting for the bridge to open. But the winds would not let up. Winds on the bridge were clocked at 50 mph. Huge waves crashed against the bottom of the towers and bridge pilings sending huge sprays of water high into the air. The water rolled into huge, foamy waves that pounded the shoreline.
I bundled up and grabbed the camera and had a great time shooting some pictures for you. It was a good thing that I had no one with me because when I was down on the shore, the noise of the water was so loud I would not have been able to hear anyone talking to me. I noticed that the birds were even grounded. The seagulls sat in huge groups on the beach back far enough from the shoreline not to get wet from the crashing waves. For a change they were speechless. The winds were so powerful on the beach that they gave me a jolt, trying to throw me off balance. I decided to return to the motel when my hands were numb. Hope you enjoy these pictures.

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