Going Batty In Mackinaw

It always seems to happen when you least expect it…you get buzzed by a bat. That has happened to me twice today and one even decided to visit me in the laundry room yesterday. It all starts in the morning when our cleaning staff heads for the laundry room. They peer around the corner and see how many bats decided to spend the night. Then they come and tell me, based on our code of not alarming guests, how many are in … Continued

Mayhem At The Fort !

Last Friday evening, I put my fleece jacket on and headed down the shoreline to Colonial Fort Michilimackinac for an evening of mayhem . I had no idea what this was about, but I wanted to find out.The evening was very fall like with winds blowing out of the northwest at 25-30 m.p.h. I thought that once I got into the fort that the walls would protect me. I was so wrong. A costumed interpreter met us and guided us … Continued

The Foggy Morning

This morning I noticed that the fog was starting to roll in from the east. So far it had already engulfed Mackinac Island and was heading toward the bridge. The fog started at the north side of the bridge and inched toward the south tower. It was so quiet outside. I did not hear any noise from the bridge and the water was calm. Even our guests were commenting on how quiet it was. The fog continued on it’s mission and smothered the bridge … Continued

The Day Is Done

There is something about a beautiful sunset that gives me a serene feeling. Watching the sun getting swallowed up, in a matter of moments by Lake Michigan, is an incredibly beautiful sight. The sky changes color from an orange sherbet to shades of pink, lavender and purple as the evening sky gives way to night. I thought you might enjoy seeing the sunset in phases and hopefully you will experience what I did.

It’s 1935 !

We were thrilled to welcome the 1935 Plymouth Club to the Riviera. It is amazing to me how quiet these cars are and the fact that they are still running. Their body designs are right out of an old Hollywood movie. When they pulled in, I was imagining what travel must have been like in 1935. Just think, no air conditioning, no seat belts and no CD players. What these cars don’t have in amenities they make up for in … Continued

The Stormy Night

The storm started to build up from the west about 6:30 p.m. By 7:00 p.m. the lightning began. The red lightning streaked across the black clouds and seemed to join the clouds together like shoelaces in a shoe. The thunder crashed and the lightning continued to flash. This went on for about 30 minutes and then the sky opened up and it poured. It was still storming when I finally went to bed at 11:30.  I had my camera focused on the straits waiting for … Continued