Evening Drive

I was headed back to Mackinaw from Cheboygan yesterday evening around 9:30. As I drove through the countryside I was again mesmerized by the beauty of northern Michigan. I opened my sun roof and turned off the music. It was just God, me and the road. The huge sun looked like a large cantaloupe peering at me through breaks in the trees. The soft rosy orange rays cast it’s glow along the countryside and bathed the road ahead in the soft light. As I rose high a top a hill I could see the sun preparing to set. It gave me the feeling of peace. I rounded a curve and the sun was so brilliant that it was blinding. The two vehicles in front of me looked orange. I felt like I was going to be beamed up, it was so bright. As I approached Mackinaw the sun had sunk deeper into the tree line saying to everyone relax, the day is done.
I thought I would share this with you to hopefully give you a mini Mackinaw moment. Good night.

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