W-I-N-D-Y Weekend

Last fall we were experiencing difficulties with our blog. I had written over a dozen blogs that never appeared on our blog. They were lost in cyberspace. This morning as I prepared to write another blog, this favorite blog from October 2011 reappeared. I didn’t want you to miss this story so I am posting it today. Hope you enjoy it!

This Saturday we were under a high wind warning and on the lakes a gale warning. This means that winds could be blowing 50-60 miles per hour. The winds were the worst we had experienced since we have been in Mackinaw. The winds came at us from the northwest with gust over 50 m.p.h. Traffic on the bridge was opened to only cars,vans and pick-up trucks without a load or cabs.
The waves crashed on shore at about 4 feet. On the straits, the waves were huge. So much so that the ferry companies cut times going to the island from Mackinaw City and finally didn’t run to Mackinaw City from the island at all. Instead, people wishing to go to Mackinaw City were ferried to St Ignace and then shuttled over the bridge. When the ferry companies do this, the water is rough. Too rough. So what did I do? I bundled up, grabbed my camera and went under the bridge to take some pictures of the water for you. The winds were blowing so hard that I took cover on the side of a bridge piling. The wind driven rain cut my face as it pelted me. At times the wind was so powerful that it jolted me, causing the picture to be blurred. The roar of the water and the howling winds were deafening.I was determined to get some pictures of this incredible sight for you.
I should tell you something about me…water like this terrifies me. Thank God I didn’t have to use a zoom lens…that would have been really scary. The sheer power of the wind and water combined re enforced my respect for Mother Nature. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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