W-I-N-D-Y Weekend

Last fall we were experiencing difficulties with our blog. I had written over a dozen blogs that never appeared on our blog. They were lost in cyberspace. This morning as I prepared to write another blog, this favorite blog from October 2011 reappeared. I didn’t want you to miss this story so I am posting it today. Hope you enjoy it! This Saturday we were under a high wind warning and on the lakes a gale warning. This means that … Continued

Spring Is In The Air

Hello everyone! We’re back! We have been busy in the past few weeks spring cleaning, doing lots of laundry and finalizing renovation plans for some of the rooms. We have spent a lot of time in Gaylord and Petoskey gathering supplies for our projects. Sunday we drove through the tunnel of trees on our way to Petoskey. The trilliums are in full bloom between Good Hart and Harbor Springs and they are so thick in places that it looks like … Continued