The Deer

That’s right, a doe. A female deer. I was driving to Cheboygan this morning when I was on the crest of a hill, I saw her. She was bent over a buck that was killed by a car.I came to a stop and waited for her to make the next move. She nuzzled him trying to make him get up. Nothing happened. She stood up straight and looked at me. She turned and started running and jumping along on the shoulder of the road.Her pretty white tail ran and jumped for about a mile before she suddenly stopped. I again stopped to see what she was going to do. Traffic in the on coming lanes also stopped and gave her plenty of room. She darted into the street and stopped in the middle and just looked at me as if I was the driver that killed her buck. She then jumped over the ditch and back onto the highway. She ran on the shoulder of the road for about a half mile. Then darted abruptly across the road and jumped the ditch. This time I waited and she did not return to the road. Instead she disappeared into the woods.
Deer have such pretty eyes and are very graceful. It was a shame to have to meet one under these circumstances.

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