Foggy Times

This is the time of year, because of the warmer temperatures passing over the cold waters of the straits, that we encounter fog. Sometimes it is an eerie feeling. Other times with the sound of the fog signal on the bridge singing out, it is very relaxing. The fog that we have had for the past few days lingers over the straits covering the bridge then revealing only parts of the bridge. Finally totally engulfing the bridge.
The fog allows the engine noise of the passing freighters to be heard and the engines of trucks and cars moving steadily over the Mighty Mac to be heard too. However, as I sit and write this I was brought upright out of my chair by a loud BOOM! Yes, the noise of the cannon being fired at Colonial Fort Michilimackinac reverberated against the fog magnifying the cannons’ roar.
I hope you enjoy these pictures of foggy times in Mackinaw.

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