We Were Warned…

but we didn’t listen. That’s right. A French Voyageur pleaded with us to stay close to the fire tonight because Loup Garou (werewolves), Lutin (goblins) and Feu Follet ( mysterious ghostly lights) were everywhere. We were told to stay on the pitch black path leading to the fort entrance. We finally came upon the sound of howling wolves and were thankfully met by the fort guards. The guards warned us to go back but we didn’t. Once inside the fort walls were could hear someone walking above. We turned and saw the ghost of a mid 1700’s young woman dressed in her bridal gown wandering above us. We glanced around the fort compound and could see the safe havens of bond fires. Around the fire you might have been met by a French Voyageur, a Native American or a frontiersman. All sharing stories of people who had “disappeared” in a rather “shocking” manner. We entered homes in the fort where we were served cider, pumpkin bread and toffee. When we ventured out we were careful to avoid the s-c-a-r-y people wandering about. Into the church we went and learned about funerals that took place so long ago. Then back out into the fort compound. Not one of us wanted to go into the haunted house. We could appreciate the screams coming from there and we were content with that. I glanced to the second floor of a building when I heard a loud raaaaaaaaaaaa to find my daughter,Sarah, happily “greeting” people. Everyone was having a good time. We sipped on some cider while standing under the beautiful night sky. The multitude of stars shone down on us trying to shed light. Just to stand in this historic fort with the heavenly display above was an incredible experience.
We headed back to the motel, stopping to howl with the wolves and I must admit, we sounded pretty good! Down by the shoreline we walked under the amazing starry sky.
Next October I hope you will come up for this wonderful event. It is so much fun!

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