The Surprise Visitor

Over the years we have had our share of bats, turkeys, chickens and one time, a bear in our back parking lot. But the other morning caught us by surprise.
I was upstairs answering emails at 7 a.m. when Lynn called me from the lobby and told me to bring my camera. I ran down stairs and asked him what he had seen and he said,” A fox is in you flowers.” At this time of day it is in between sunrise and night. It is very easy for an animal to “surprise” you. I eased open the front lobby door and peered out. It was freezing. A light frost was painted on my flowers under our sign. I looked closer and that’s when I saw a small cat-like face looking over my flowers at me.The animal quickly disappeared into the darkness. About 9 a.m., I was in the lobby when the animal appeared in the drive thru hugging the wall. The fox didn’t look well. He was lethargic and looked somewhat disoriented. He sat down by the flower pot and didn’t care if someone walked by, or if a car pulled up. We stood about 15 feet from him. What a beautiful animal. His fur was getting white tips on the reddish brown coat.He just sat with eyes closed in the early morning sun. The police came and took him to the DNR for further testing.

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