October Sunrise

The other morning I noticed the sky had gray-black clouds streaking across a deep magenta background. This held all the promise of a beautiful sunrise. I grabbed my camera and out the door I went.I walked out into the frosty morning and down to the first beech east of the motel. The site was so beautiful it took my breath away.The sky was changing into colors of lavender,pink and peach and these colors reflected into the satiny water. I stood … Continued

We Were Warned…

but we didn’t listen. That’s right. A French Voyageur pleaded with us to stay close to the fire tonight because Loup Garou (werewolves), Lutin (goblins) and Feu Follet ( mysterious ghostly lights) were everywhere. We were told to stay on the pitch black path leading to the fort entrance. We finally came upon the sound of howling wolves and were thankfully met by the fort guards. The guards warned us to go back but we didn’t. Once inside the fort … Continued

The Surprise Visitor

Over the years we have had our share of bats, turkeys, chickens and one time, a bear in our back parking lot. But the other morning caught us by surprise.I was upstairs answering emails at 7 a.m. when Lynn called me from the lobby and told me to bring my camera. I ran down stairs and asked him what he had seen and he said,” A fox is in you flowers.” At this time of day it is in between … Continued

Peaceful Shrine

The other day I was supposed to be going to Cheboygan to grocery shop. As I was driving down I-75 on the sunny, fall afternoon, I decided to keep going till Indian River. I got off and visited The Cross In The Woods. I parked the car and ventured into the tree lined walk way passing several statues along the way including Our Lady Of The Highway, The Holy Family and St. Francis Of Assisi. I wandered along the path … Continued