The Flood

The song Tiny Bubbles took on a whole new meaning the other day. I was putting away cleaning supplies in the closet outside the laundryroom and keeping an eye on the laundry in the washers. I had a plan to get all 12 loads done by early afternoon so I wanted to keep the laundry moving. I had just glanced at the machines and everything was o.k. I opened a closet door that blocked my view of the machines when Lynn came around the corner and said,”Oh, no”! There was bubbly, soapy water flowing into the laundryroom floor. We thought the smaller washer had a leak because the water was coming from beneath it. Then I noticed water coming from under the laundry tub. Lynn pulled out the big washer that was in the rinse cycle and we were looking behind it to find the problem. Then I noticed a tiny hole in the hose coming out of the washer. I immediately put my finger in the hole and voila, the water stopped pouring out. Now, because I could not stand there all day with my finger in the hole while water ran out of the machine, Lynn was able to replace it. Problem solved , right? Wrong! About ten minutes later the laundryroom floor was again flooded. This time it was from the smaller washer. We diagnosed the problem as a broken pump. We are not able to get a repairman here until sometime Monday. In the meantime we are averaging about 16 loads of laundry a day. One washer is not going to get the job done so I have been going to the laundry mat. While I’m doing laundry, the lyrics of Tiny Bubbles is running through my head. for those of you who are not familiar with the song, it starts out”Tiny bubbles in the wine..” hummmm. Sounds like a plan to me!

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