Evening Serenity

In case you are missing the beauty of a sunset in Mackinaw, I took a picture of yesterday’s for you. Hope you enjoy it!

The Sites of I-75

When Lynn and I were driving north, we thought the following sight was hysterical. Men take heed..if your lady wants to come up north, bring her or suffer the consequences! On your next trip here, see if you can find Ray’s doghouse. Does anyone know where this doghouse is located? Please let me know!

We’re Back!

Yes we are back in Mackinaw! We arrived to a gorgeous blue sky and sun last Thursday. So far we have unpacked,spring cleaned the lobby and living quarters,made plans for some bathroom renovations and did a lot of shopping. I have also done the equivalent of about 90 loads of laundry and drove to Gaylord to drop off the drapes to the cleaners. We are also happy to report no winter damage to the building and no water damage when … Continued