Heading North

Today is packing day. We always think we are taking less “stuff” then the moment of truth hits us. We need a van stretcher. We not only have all our personal belongings, but add to it four flat screen TVs, the computer and of course Lynn’s’ baby, his miter saw, and suddenly packing becomes a lesson in logistics. Why all the flat screen TVs? The flat screens are liquid crystal and if they are left in rooms that are unheated they will freeze. Poof! Unusable TVs. So they come home with us for the winter as does the computer for the same reason. The TVs are rather funny…imagine watching the Super Bowl on five TVs! While it may be a guys dream, it looks somewhat like an appliance store to me.
Outside in my backyard, the grass is green,the lilacs,apple blossoms and other trees are in full bloom. I don’t think this will be the case in Mackinaw. Usually when we arrive there the spring flowers are just starting to break ground. And leaves on the trees? Nope. Not even a hint of green. Usually by the end of May, if we are lucky, the leaves will be budding.
I’m, going to take pictures along the way north to see spring in various stages. I’m hoping there will be at least a hint of spring in Mackinaw!

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