Driving the Mighty Mac

I used to be terrified of crossing the bridge, let alone drive across it. My then small children used to sing the theme of The Twilight Zone as we crossed the bridge just to add a little more terror for me.I would hold on to Lynn’s arm so tight that he would have my nail prints in his arm by the time we made it across. Now I drive it…no problem. I had a total change of heart. I figure that there are thousands and thousands of people who drive across every year and nothing happens. I also decided that if something did happen to me (not very likely) that the almost 200 foot fall would kill me anyway, so why not enjoy the ride. For all of you who are not overly fond of the crossing, I have some therapy for you. For all of you who just want to be on the bridge I have a ride for you. I strapped my camera around my neck, set the camera on the center of my steering wheel and snapped away. The free therapy I’m offering to those of you who would like to enjoy crossing the bridge, is that you play this blog over and over until you feel comfortable. For all of you bridge lovers,I hope you enjoy the ride. 
I’m heading to St Ignace and approaching the south tower.

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I’m almost under the south tower and the north tower is visible.

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I’m in the center of the bridge. How are you doing? You have made it this far… don’t give up! 

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 We are now about to drive under the north tower. We’re almost to the toll booth. Hang on!

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Toll booth is in sight. You made it!

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I sure hope all of you enjoyed the trip across the Mighty Mac. I finally do!

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  1. Shawna

    There are people in my family who would throw up just looking at those pictures! I don’t like the bridge much, but I’m not terrified of it….the boat ride though? Forget it.


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