A Piece Of History?

While walking on the beach of Lake Michigan, I spotted this chunk of cement. The wording on this chunk made me wonder if it had anything to do with the building of the Mackinac Bridge. What are your thoughts? 

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5 Responses to “A Piece Of History?”

  1. Rebecca and Tim

    I think it could be! Can you translate the writing on it for us?

  2. Riviera Motel

    Yes, I can. It says…South Base 1953.

  3. tking

    I should be in such good shape lying on a shoreline being 50-plus years old:-)

  4. Riviera Motel

    If you would like, I’ll stamp 1957 on you forehead!

  5. RBJ Grand Rapids

    This is amazing. I just photographed that same piece last Saturday, but never put the two together. I like your theory.
    I wonder if Dick Moehl would know, since the ribbon is tied on it.


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