Yacht Race 1

Bright and early last Saturday morning, I snapped the first few yachts that I saw coming under the bridge from Chicago. This was nearing the finish line for the 101 st Chicago to Mackinac Island Yacht race. About thirty minutes later, fog started rolling in from the east just as I saw this yacht coming under the bridge. If you notice, the fog is not rolling onto the road side of the bridge. It appears to be sneaking under the … Continued

Come See The Tall Ship

Come and see the tall ship Welcome docked here for the next few weeks. This sloop is a replica of the original sloop Welcome that was used by the British to relocate from Mackinaw City to Mackinac Island in 1780. The Welcome made several voyages from mainland to island until sinking in 1781. The Welcome is believed to be resting on the floor of the Straits of Mackinac. All of the journals of the voyages are still in tack and … Continued

Here’s Alvin

Alvin was running around the other morning and he finally held still long enough for me to snap his picture.

Destress Yourself

This guy has the right idea for destressing..Pick a rock where there is no one around you and just sit. No phone…or anything else to distract you.

Do You Believe?

Early yesterday morning I heard the street sweeper. I raced to get my camera. Why? Because I discovered what Santa does in the summer..he works for Mackinaw City’s DPW. I can prove it too. Take a look at these pictures.I decided to take another picture when he came down the street again. Much to my surprise, he must have seen me and whoosh..like magic…he disappeared!So, for all of us kids out there, there is a Santa and he lives in … Continued

Another One

This morning, by the laundry room…surprise! Eliza was there and she was not happy to be disturbed. In case you don’t remember, bats are a fact of life here so I name them like the weather bureau names hurricanes…alphabetically. This morning, Eliza made her debut. She has gone into hiding somewhere on site and we have yet to “find” her again. I sure hope we find her before she appears again to our housekeepers…they have extremely high pitched screams.

Now There Are Two

Just thought I’d bring you up to date on ALVIN. I had noticed that in the past few weeks he was overly busy…making a nicer home and checking out one of our rooms. Now I understand why. Alvin got married to Clarisse. They moved in under our sign and appear to be quite happy. I see them running around together all the time. I’m trying to take a picture of them. But, they are quick little things.I will not give … Continued

Strange Things Happen In Threes

I have already told you about Alvin the chipmunk visiting our cleaning staff. Well, it seems that was the beginning of a strange day. The day started with Alvin, event number one.Event number two happened after I had checked-in a guest. The guests went upstairs to their bridge view room. About five minutes after they were in their room, I received a call from them telling me that there is a weird buzzing noise in there room. I went up … Continued


This morning I was in the lobby assisting guests and our housekeeping staff was busy cleaning rooms on the ground floor. All of the sudden I heard a scream followed by the slamming of a door. Apparently,the staff was cleaning the room with the door open and Alvin decided to come in and check out the place. The young woman working in the bathroom was the first one who was paid a visit by the furry chipmunk.It was her scream … Continued