The Freeloader

I was kneeling down in my garden spreading mulch around under the hosta leaves when I saw a pair of eyes and a furry body looking at me. My gloved hand was about six inches from those eyes that looked quite perturbed with me. I did a eek and so did the chipmunk. He quickly ran back into his house under the hosta plant that led to a tunnel under the sign. He emerged a few minutes later at the back door and scurried across the parking lot. The only thought that came to mind was of a small furry animal running up my shirt sleeve, down my back and out my pant leg.
Thank God that did not happen to me! If that had been the case my scream would have been heard at the space station.
The next morning I went to survey my handy work and noticed that the chipmunk had again dug a bigger hole and tried to cover the back door with leaves. Do you suppose that anyone would notice? By the way, I named the chipmunk..ALVIN!

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