Scary Night

Last weekend was Fort Fright Night at Colonial Fort Michilamackinac. Three of our guests accompanied me to the fort for this fall event. We had a blast! Of course they made ME go first around every dark corner and into every doorway…they were fradie cats! It was a perfect night for ghosts and gobblins. The black, velvet sky reflected the stars and the full moon cast a milky hue over the fort. It was a night of ghost stories being … Continued

The Paintbox Sunset

This was perhaps the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. The colors of vibrant orange, yellow, peach and then fading to softer purples and pinks. I tried to capture the essence of the evening for you.       

A Snuggle Alert

Yesterday afternoon the weather turned cold. The winds were coming out of the north at 25 m.p.h with gust to 30 m.p.h. The forecasters had predicted lake effect rain showers with a CHANCE of a wintry mix…not much. Just a little mixed in. I looked out my kitchen window as one of these lake effect showers were in progress only to see some ice and yes, snow mixed in. The shower was brief and followed by a beautiful rainbow.About 11:00 … Continued