Just Around The Corner

On Sunday I was walking out of the laundry room when I heard the honking of several geese. I stood under the porch and looked up. (I learned never to stand out in the open and look up when you hear birds. Remember the song “Birdie, birdie in the sky. Drop some whitewash in my eye’? Well no thank-you to that little diddie.) In the sky was a sight that I had never seen before. There were four huge flocks … Continued

Sunset At The Fort

Colonial Fort Michilimackinac ( try saying that word with crackers in your mouth!) is just a few steps from the motel. I took these shots at sunset on a crisp September evening. The moment was very serene. I hope you enjoy them.        

The Tractors Were Here!

The second Friday in September brought some new excitement to Mackinaw…an antique tractor parade. All tractors had to be models from 1962 and earlier, and be able to drive with a speed of 11 m.p.h. Two hundred antique tractors were paraded through town and then they met up with another 428 tractors that were waiting to join in the parade over the Mighty Mac. It was a unique experience to see tractors from the early 1900s drive by. This is … Continued

The Big Rigs

The second Saturday in September is always the truck parade. Hundreds line the main streets in Mackinaw just to get a glimpse of the big, shiny rigs. Some trucks have painted murals and all have extra lights. They are immaculate and it is exciting to see them up close. Despite the rainy, foggy night, a good time was had by all.   I stood in the middle of north bound 75 just to take this picture of the trucks coming … Continued

The Day Is Done

I thought you might enjoy this sunset in progress. It looked like Lake Michigan swallowed the sun.        


Labor’s Day morning was absolutely a beautiful, warm morning I took this picture of the bridge at 6:30 a.m. just for you. If you look closely, you can see how all north bound traffic has been redirected to the south bound side of the bridge. This enables the walkers to use two lanes of the north bound side.   There were 40,000 walkers this year. I took this picture from our pool deck. Notice the Mackinaw Trolley headed north to … Continued

The Reflection

I took this picture from our pool deck. Notice the lighthouse reflecting in the pool.It was an awesome sight.


I promise you a picture of sunrise…here it is. It was a gorgeous Labor’s Day morning.    

Ode To Labors’ Day

Twas the night before the bridge walk and all through the motel.Not a creature was stirring that I could tell. The guest were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of doughnuts danced in their heads.Lynn with the coffee and me with the tea, were getting ready for the breakfast to be. Knowing that we had done our best,We climbed into bed for some much needed rest. When out in the parking lot there arose such a clatter,I sprang … Continued