We’ve Come A Long Way

Several guests ask me how many loads of laundry I do a day, so I thought I would tell all of you. I will do any where between 10 to 18 loads a day during peak season. There are days when the temperature is 90 degrees plus with high humidity, that the laundry room temperature exceeds 110 degrees. On those days I cheat…I load up the van with all the laundry and head for the local laundry mat. I usually finish all the laundry in about 2 1/2 hours. I am very grateful for modern day appliances, I do not use the utensils below. I really don’t know how we ever did without electricity!I probably would have to either beat the laundry on the rocks in the straits or carry several buckets of water from the straits and boil it over a fire then scrub on a washboard. NOT!

Laundry utensils at Fort Mackinac

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