Time Travel

This weekend found me doing a lot of reminiscing because we had an antique car show in St Ignace ( that’s’ across the bridge). The cars ranged in time between the late forties till the eighties. The cars that went by the motel were incredible and took me back to a time of mini skirts and go-go boots, my teen years. I saw a 66 Lemans, a 64 Mustang,a Malibu, 67 Nova, several early sixties Chevrolet convertibles and of course Dune buggies! My very favorite was the 66 GTO. When that one went by I could still, in my mind, hear the Beachboys belting out “little GTO…wha, wha..GTO…”.
Those muscle cars, as they were called earned there name from the power under the hood. Just thinking about all that power made the bottom of my right foot start itching to tromp on an accelerator. I could picture my teen years with all the cruising cars, polished to a brilliant shine, cruising through an A & W, with an occasional gunning of the engine and then a screeching of tires. The great sound of power reaching the pavement would leave evidence of black tire marks. We would enjoy the loud sound of the engines and smell of burning tires over a rootbeer and hamburger and think this was a great time.
Now back to reality…darn! My foot doesn’t itch when I look at my mini van. I look at my varicose veins and think that it is a good thing that I retired my mini skirts and go-go boots. I still have fabulous memories of my teen years and beyond and that will be enough!

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