Time Travel

This weekend found me doing a lot of reminiscing because we had an antique car show in St Ignace ( that’s’ across the bridge). The cars ranged in time between the late forties till the eighties. The cars that went by the motel were incredible and took me back to a time of mini skirts and go-go boots, my teen years. I saw a 66 Lemans, a 64 Mustang,a Malibu, 67 Nova, several early sixties Chevrolet convertibles and of course … Continued

We’ve Come A Long Way

Several guests ask me how many loads of laundry I do a day, so I thought I would tell all of you. I will do any where between 10 to 18 loads a day during peak season. There are days when the temperature is 90 degrees plus with high humidity, that the laundry room temperature exceeds 110 degrees. On those days I cheat…I load up the van with all the laundry and head for the local laundry mat. I usually … Continued

I Played Hookie

Yes you read correctly…I did play hookie. Tammy, our head housekeeper, and I went to Mackinac Island on Wednesday. I wanted to go and see all the beautiful lilacs while they were in full bloom. I was not disappointed. They were unbelievably beautiful. We walked up to Fort Mackinac, across the back of the island to the Grand Hotel and then deciding that we needed nourishment, had a wonderful lunch at the Gate House. The Gate House, (formerly the French … Continued


Last night after Lynn and I had covered the pool for the night, made the coffee and straightened the lobby, I told him that it was his night to go to bed early and that I would close up for the night. I asked him to wait in the lobby while I went and locked up the laundry room. I walked out the back lobby door and was greeted by the sound of laughter and talking from our guests on … Continued

The Foggy Week

I thought you might enjoy seeing the Mackinac Bridge with various parts concealed by the thick fog which blanketed the area last week. Enjoy!

A Lesson Needed

The most wonderful thing about owning and operating a motel is the incredible people that we meet. Just the other day I was talking with a couple that were here celebrating their sixtieth wedding anniversary. They had been here before and I am still amazed at what they can accomplish. She is an accomplished quilter, making quilts for the homeless at the rate of one a week. In addition, she makes angel quilts for a local hospital in her home … Continued

What Do You think?

As I mentioned on a previous post, I drove to Detroit last Friday to do some errands. Along the way I saw a lot of animals that don’t know how to cross an express way. There were several deer, possums, raccoons and of course, every ones favorite, skunks. All these animals met with such a violent ending. Then upon my return trip I saw a ray of hope. There were several black feathered turkeys walking single file facing traffic on … Continued

Magical, Mystical Freeway

Last Friday morning at 9:30, I left Mackinaw bound for my home in the Detroit area. The rain was coming down and according to the weatherman, it was going to get worse as the day wore on. I thought that if I left early enough I would miss the bulk of the storms. I got on I-75 and the rain picked up in intensity, the winds were blowing and slapping my van around, and there was lighting and thunder. Great … Continued