The Second Day

We didn’t realize how exhausted we were until our heads hit the pillow. Sleeping in sure sounds good. We were sleeping like babies, when this extremely loud noise rended our dreams. Coming out of the sleepy fog we couldn’t tell what the over sized dentist drill noise was. This is a tough way to wake up.
What was this noise that intruded upon our peaceful slumber? It was the awful sound of jack hammers. Actually, there were several jack hammers singing like a choir. I looked out my window and discovered that the awful noise was coming from the bridge. They are breaking up all the pavement on the north bound side of the bridge. I’m not is only
7 a.m in the morning.
We have learned that the Mackinac Bridge Authority is replacing all the cement paving and damaged curbs on the north bound side of the bridge. This work is scheduled for completion by June 10. But I wondered, how many days of the noise will we have? Lucky for us , the entire north bound side of the bridge had all the old cement removed in about two twelve hour shifts. We were astounded.
Oh well, I guess we’d better get up and get started, it is going to be a very busy day.

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