The First Big Weekend of Summer

We had beautiful weather for the start of our three day weekend. The roar of the cannon from Colonial Fort Michilimackinac and the sound of muskets was heard as the reenactment of the Indians taking back the fort from the British in the 1760’s was played out for our visitors. It is a historical reenactment done by dedicated people that want you to remember the history of this area. I will admit though, it takes a little getting used to. … Continued

What A Day!

The month of May has been much colder than normal. Wednesday, May 21, 2008 is no different. The wind is blowing at 30m.p.h and gusting higher. The wind chill is in the low 20’s and it is snowing! Yes, you read correctly. It is snowing and occasionally there is ice mixed in. I doubled checked the calendar and no I didn’t make a mistake, it is a raw, blustery May 21st. We got started with the days work of cleaning … Continued

The Second Day

We didn’t realize how exhausted we were until our heads hit the pillow. Sleeping in sure sounds good. We were sleeping like babies, when this extremely loud noise rended our dreams. Coming out of the sleepy fog we couldn’t tell what the over sized dentist drill noise was. This is a tough way to wake up.What was this noise that intruded upon our peaceful slumber? It was the awful sound of jack hammers. Actually, there were several jack hammers singing … Continued

We’re Back

On April 21, 2008, we arrived at the motel fully expecting to see the remnants of the snow mountain that was in front of the back lobby door. We were shocked to see that all the snow had melted. Looking about we noticed that the plumbers were here turning the water on. We noticed two plumbers in a room, so we poked our heads heads in and learned that we had two water pipes break when the water was turned … Continued

Winter Wonderland

On March 16, 2008 we came north because Lynn had a meeting to attend. We were amazed to see the amount of snow at the Riviera!We parked the car in the street and climbed over about three feet of snow to attempt getting into the building. We walked to the back of the building and then stopped dead in our tracks. We have never seen so much snow in our lives. It looked like a small, snow covered mountain ranged … Continued

The End..

We closed for the season on October 25, 2007. Many people ask us what closing a motel entails. Here are some of the details. First, call the plumber and set up a closing date and call all vendors and let them know the closing date. Once all dates are in place, start closing all the rooms by removing all linens, locking all windows,unplugging all appliances,remove all batteries and shut the drapes. Once the plumber is done draining the pipes, we … Continued