August Skies

Tonight as I was helping my husband, Lynn, put the solar cover on the swimming pool, I couldn’t help notice the night sky. It is so clear that it looks like black velvet with diamonds sprinkled on top. But of all the seasons in Mackinaw, August is the most spectacular.
I have seen meteor showers with some meteors the size of a car streak across the night sky and I have seen the most spectacular colors in the northern lights. The colors range from white to lime green to shades of pastels to red.
August is the month for the largest meteor showers of the year and they are all visible right from your room, But why not be a spectator of these heavenly wonders from outside on the pool deck with the bridge in the background and the sound of waves gently coming ashore? There is nothing like it.
I find out when and in what direction to look for these wonders in the sky and pass the information on to our guests. It is not uncommon to see several people sitting out on the pool deck in awe of these magnificent wonders. I have seen the pictures guest have take and they are incredible.
Why not come on up and see for yourself? Just visit our website at and make a reservation today. This is something everyone must see. So don’t wait till August is gone….call me today.

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