The Redcoats Are Coming!

Colonial Fort Michilimackinac is located 500 feet to the west of us. Currently the historical reenactments are depicting life in the 1760’s under the control of the British. Several times throughout the day the roar of the cannon can be heard here. Very often prospective guests are caught of guard by the loud volley. Today I was showing a prospective guest around the motel, when the loud boom from the cannon at Colonial Fort Michilimackinac rang out. The man’s eyes … Continued

Rockin Cars

You still have enough time to make reservations for a fabulous weekend in Mackinaw. This weekend why not relive the era of muscle cars and rock and roll? Remember those burning tires and loud, powerful cars? How about a GTO? Well, this weekend is the St. Ignace Car Show. There will be a parade of several 50’s, 60’s and 70’s cars on Friday night. You can stroll among these cars and revisit some good memories and make some new ones … Continued

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Late last week and for three days afterward, two of my sisters came up and helped me plant flowers around the motel. We had approximately 35 flats of flowers, 12 huge bags of dirt and 23 bags of cedar mulch. Where are all of these flowers going to be planted? Everywhere. We plant along 35 feet of the back wall of our property next to the pool, in 14 large pots sitting on the western wall, underneath and along both … Continued

Starry, Starry Night

Tonight is absolutely beautiful. From the lobby or any of the rooms one can look out at families swimming in the pool and those choosing to sit on the balcony and look in awe at the beauty of the Mackinac Bridge and Straits. It is 10:00 P.M. and a rosy twilight has ascended across the evening sky. The sky is softly streaked with shades of pink and lavender making the calm waters of the straits a piece of glass. The … Continued

Ahoy There!

For two days now we have not been able to see much of the Mackinac Bridge. We have awakened to the sound of a freighter blasting its signal in the pea soup fog. The fog horn on the bridge is constantly going and is very soothing. With the rain coming down and the fog horn blowing, one can very easily take the day off and curl up and read or take a nap.A few years ago on a hot, humid … Continued

Springtime In Mackinaw

Today I took delivery of 30 flats of flowers. I will be getting another ten next Thursday when my two sisters come to help me plant them. When I was outside helping the delivery man, I noticed that everything was coming alive. The trees have fluffy, new green leaves, all the flowering shrubs and trees are just starting to blossom. My favorite sign that spring is here are the lilacs. All around the motel the lilacs are just starting to … Continued